Product Count/Stock Take

Carrying out a Stock Take is an essential part of running a business that involves the counting of on-hand inventory/products.  You would have already set up all products with the individual Minimum Level and Reorder Levels.

To do a Stock Take follow these steps:

1. Click on Settings on the welcome menu.

2.  In the Settings screen, scroll down to the Products & Services section and under the Products heading click on Product Count/Stock Take.   

3.  On the right-hand side of the screen click the +Add New button.

4.  The Create Product Count screen will pop up.  The Count Date and Count Time are automatically defaulted.  You can choose to do a specific Brand and Category Product Count.  

Enter amounts of each product under the counted column.

5.  If you are unable to complete the full Stock Take, click Save at the bottom of the screen, all information entered will be saved.  

6.  When you are ready to continue on with the Stock Take, go back into Product Counts screen and select the Edit button to continue.7.  Once the count is finished click the Complete button.  

8.  The Confirm pop up screen will appear, click Yes if you are happy to continue.

9.  You can now view your Product Count by clicking the View button.

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