Turning On the Waiting List

The Waiting List is the screen to use for the management of walk-in clients, as opposed to prebooked appointments.  If you have a considerable number of walk in's, for example over 50% of your clients, then you should consider using it.

By default the Waiting List Tab is not displayed, to turn on this feature follow these steps.

1. On the Welcome menu go into Settings.

2.  In Settings, under Appointments, click on Appointment General Settings.

3.  In Appointment General Settings screen, in the Settings Tab, scroll down to Display Waiting List tab on appointments screen.4.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

5.  When you go back to the Appointments screen, the Waiting List will now be displayed.

If you think you might be using the Waiting List more than the day or week view tabs on the appointment screen you can also set it as the default tab under Appointment General Settings.

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