Importing Services

If you have a list of services from another system or just want a quicker way to enter multiple new service records then using the Service Import function is useful.

1. Click on the Settings option on the side menu

2. Under the heading Products & Services click on Manage Services.

3. On the right hand side of the screen a pop up menu will appear. Please select Import Services.

4. Once on the Service Importer screen you will see a link to download the template file. This is a file you can open in MS Excel and will be in the correct format to be imported into You'reOnTime. So you should download this file and add the service records you have into the file. If your services data is in a different format file you should copy and paste it into the template. Also take note of the Data File Format section which tells you the required fields and data format.

5. Once you have created the file use the Select File option to load it into You'reOnTime. The first step will validate the file is correct. If there are any problems it will tell you what they are and on what. If you have any problems send the file to and we will find the problem.

6. Once the file is correct click the Import Now button and the services will be loaded into your system.

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