Selling and recording damaged products

From time to time you might want to sell products that are damaged with a discount. You might also want to record which products are sold as damaged for future reporting. To do this you need to follow these steps.

Set up a Damaged Products promotion

1. Go to Manage Promotions and Discounts from Settings.

2. Click the button Add a New Promotion.

3. Give it a name like Damaged Products.

4. Down the bottom in the section Apply to the following items select all the products that you could potentially sell as damaged.

5. Leave the rest of the settings for the promotion as they are by default and click Save.

Selling and applying the promotion

1. Go to the Sales screen as you would to sell any normal product.

2. Add the product to the sale as you normally would.

3. Click the + Promotion button and choose the Damaged Products promotion we just created.

4. Manually adjust the price on the product in the sale to be what you want to discount it to.

5. Complete the sale as normal.

Please note, all products in this sale will be recorded under the Damaged Products promotion. If you have a sale that is a mix of damaged and non-damaged products you are best to do them as a separate sale.

Reporting on the damaged sales

1. Go to the Reports screen

2. Choose the Promotion Usage report under the Sales & Performance section.

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