Required fields for online booking

When a client makes a booking online via our online booking widget there are a number of fields that can be show and then either optional or required for the client to fill out To configured the fields.

1. Client on Settings from the sidebar menu.

2. When in Settings click on the Online Booking Settings option in the Online Booking Section.

3. Once in the Online Booking Settings scroll down and you will see two sections, Booking Display Fields and Booking Required Fields.

Booking Display Fields

Client Address. If you want the client to enter their home address when booking select this option. If you have a mobile business this may be important.

Select Staff. If you are a single person business it may not really be necessary for clients to be able to select a staff member as it is only you, so untick this option. Or if you don't want them to select a staff member and just choose the first one available automatically then also untick this one.

Promotion Code. If you run promotions which clients can claim when booking then tick this to show the promotion code option.

Referred By. If you want clients to enter who referred them to your business then click this option to show the field.

Booking Required Fields

All the booking display fields will be visible when selected but they may not be required so the client may skip them. There are some additional options to make fields required.

Client Address. Make the client be required to enter their address when booking.

Client Postcode Only. They may not be required to enter their whole address but only the postcode. This is useful for working out the demographics of your client base.

Client Phone Number. Phone number is always a field that is shown, but by selecting this it will also be required.

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