Scheduling a report

It is possible to schedule a report to run automatically and then be emailed to you. This is useful if you run the same reports on a regular basis. To schedule reports:

1. Go to the Reports option on the side menu.

2. Click on the report you want to schedule just like you would when running a report.

3. Choose the options to filter a report just like you would when running the report. It might be a good idea to run the report now as well to make sure it looks like you would expect. Please see below example:

4.  Important, when you schedule the report to be emailed to you the Date Range option will be automatically adjusted. So if you chose the Last Week option in the date range, for example, and had the report emailed to you weekly, when it is sent the date will be adjusted to that date.

5.  Now click the Schedule button and the options will be displayed allowing you to choose the frequency of the reports being sent to you and what time of the day. Click OK and it will be all ready to go.

Removing scheduled reports

If you have a scheduled report that you wish to remove, go to the Reports screen and click on the Scheduled Reports button on the right-hand side options.

This will list all the reports where you can delete them if required.

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