Giving a free service to a client for future use

If you want to award a client a complimentary service for future use. To do this is very easy to do.

1. Click on the Sales option from the side menu

2. When in the Sales screen click the Add Client To Sale option on the right-hand side menu. Search for the client who you want to give the service to and add them to the sale.

3. Now add the service you want to give them as you normally would by ticking the + Service button. When adding the service make sure to set the price to zero as it is complimentary service. Also, you will see a tick box saying Pre-purchase service, make sure to tick this before adding the service to the sale.

4. Now complete the sale as you would for any normal sale. As the service in the sale is complimentary it will be a zero tender and the client won't need to pay.

The client will now have this credited on his account. Now the next time the client books this service and you Send To Sale you will notice the price is zero.

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