What's New

Version 3.68 November 26th 2020

  • Option to colour appointments by resource.

Version 3.67 October 1st 2020

  • WindCave integration.
  • New Agenda view.
  • Remote check in for walk in stores.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 3.66 April 3rd 2020

  • When performing a No Sale and paying out commission or tips, ability to assign which staff it was paid to.

Version 3.65 April 3rd 2020

  • Can print a preview of the Reconciliation Statement before finalizing banking.

Version 3.64 March 28th 2020

  • When uploading a photo to a client, a note can be added to it.

Version 3.63 March 28th 2020

  • Can flag an appointment as a Party and party attendees can check in via Self Check In.

Version 3.62 March 28th 2020

  • A service price can be flagged as an hourly rate and will adjust sale price based on appointment length.

Version 3.61 March 26th 2020

  • Ability to purchase products online

Version 3.60 - March 19th 2020

  • Option in Online booking vouchers to turn off purchasing vouchers as gifts.  This will have the effect of making the voucher purchase screen in mini website much simpler.

Version 3.50 - June 17th 2018

  • New application design
  • Can require scanning loyalty number to get points
  • Prompt to upgrade services to packages
  • In progress status
  • Appointment price merge field
  • More info on A4/A5 receipts
  • Can change the tax rate for an individual sale
Version 3.01 - April 27th 2018
  • Extra fields on cashout report
  • Classes over subsequent days
  • Product list by code report
  • Multi location products
Version 3.00 - Jan 9th 2018
  • Localization to other languages (German). Others on request.
  • Staff income report
  • Tips on PAX card reader
Version 2.82 - Jan 3rd 2018
  • Promotion options for After Time and appointment type
  • Add service time to waiting list report
  • Can set default SMS message for Cancellations and No Shows
Version 2.81 - December 12th 2017
  • Integrated VOIP phone system
  • Optional warning when double booking client during a day
Version 2.80 - November 27th 2017
  • Move appointment (cut/paste) option
  • Cancel appointment button from sidebar and client screen
  • Can pay tips onto account
  • More accurate time calculator for waiting list
  • Referrer performance report
  • Credit Card total on Reconciliation Report
  • Show all staff prices on online booking
  • Remember changed prices when send to sale more than once
  • Emoji's in SMS messages
  • Various report tweaks
Version 2.79 - October 27th 2017
  • Staff commission bulk edit screen
  • Client postcode heatmap report
Version 2.78 - October 26rd 2017
  • New colour coded waiting list
  • Better Inbox status handling
  • New online booking pushed to all users
  • Better mobile security
  • Waiting list wall board redesign
  • Can hide discounts on receipts
Version 2.77 - September 18rd 2017
  • Can print draft receipt before payment
  • Repeat booking fixes
  • Editing a cancelled appointment will set it back to booked status
  • Referrer tweaks
  • Fix loyalty points report
  • Fix client account labels report
  • Staff parameter in rebooking report
  • Clients manually booked will count as rebookings even if not done via rebooking screen
  • Franchises tweaks
  • Seperate tips and commissions fields in banking
  • F4 to blur/unblur the appointments screen from clients view
  • Can email staff rosters to them a week ahead
  • Can hide discount on receipts
  • When arriving a client will alert you of their birthday
Version 2.76 - September 3rd 2017
  • Improved Authorize.Net integration
  • New client tip screen
  • Franchises for large businesses
  • Can change staff on waiting list
  • New client frequency report
  • Receipt tweaks
  • Payment info screen clearer
  • Payment types can be location specific
  • Xero tweaks
  • Can force price to be entered at checkout
Version 2.75 - July 20th 2017
  • Staff density report
  • Staff punctuality report
  • Can add or remove items when receiving orders
  • New client indicator on appointments
  • Prebooked appointment indicator on waiting list
  • Rename staff day manager to Staff Rosters
  • Can block day times from online bookings
  • Can configure default text for emailing client forms
  • Standard form fields can be renamed
Version 2.74 - June 6th 2017
  • Product usage audit report
  • Sales summary export
  • Walk in sales by year report
  • Various report tweaks
  • Additional Xero sync options
Version 2.73 - May 18th 2017
  • Individual report level security
  • Forms options for client to choose reminder/marketing options
  • Forms generated by online booking
  • Stock take report add group by brand
Version 2.72 - May 10th 2017
  • Promotions can be flagged as new clients only
  • Option to only show working staff in Staff Rosters
  • Appointments by status report
  • Product Count group by brand
  • Green client search can list more than most recent booking
Version 2.71 - May 5th 2017
  • Can use appointment finder when editing appointment
  • When ordering option to bring on hand up to required level
  • Display weighted product value on screen and report
  • More accurate historical commission recording
  • Loyalty points for client referrals
Version 2.70 - April 30th 2017
  • Forms can have tick box for marketing opt-in
  • Referrer can be linked to another client
  • Enhanced referrers report
  • Security option to hide reviews from staff
  • Security option to hide client addresses in client addresses
  • Ability to print forms
  • Staff images on appointments screen
  • New tooltip format in appontments
Version 2.69 - April 4th 2017
  • Find appointment based on available spots
  • Online bookings can have fixed price deposits
  • Total hours column on staff rosters
Version 2.68 - Feburary 28th 2017
  • Can print or email order from Order View screen
  • Can select date range on staff retention report
  • Forms can be shown as part of the check in process
  • Option to skip staff when checking in
  • Discounts list report
Version 2.67 - Feburary 19th 2017
  • Loyalty points can target just products or services
  • Promotions by staff report
  • Staff retention report
  • Sent date recorded in orders
  • Display brand in orders list
Version 2.66 - January 30th 2017
  • Display headings on all pages of reports
  • Validate phone numbers when booking online
  • Display client loyalty balance on the bottom of sales
  • Add list price/RRP to products
  • Main menu tweaks
  • Add extra fields to staff export
  • Add location grouping in reports
  • Add subtotal on orders view
  • Fixed amount credit card surcharge
  • Can change text when emailing voucher
Version 2.65 - January 1st 2017
  • Product count / Stock take screens
  • Can scan barcodes when receiving orders
  • System invoice additional formatting
  • Staff Throughput report
  • Staff work summart report extra fields
  • Self check in will prompt for name when duplicate phones
  • Confirm numbers before sending email or SMS marketing
Version 2.64 - December 16th 2016
  • Faster and customisable dashboard
  • Client retention report performance improvement
  • Booking widget can be for just one staff
  • Product line types
  • Add active to product exports/li>
  • Repeat visit from client search slideout
  • Staff points can be assigned to products
  • Apriva / PAX S300 payment integration
  • Staff check in require closing of unclosed
  • Autocapitalise client names when entering
Version 2.63 - November 2nd 2016
  • Don't scroll when auto-refreshing appointments
  • Option to hide online booking login
  • New break type that allows bookings
  • Can email client from appointments screen
  • Security option for sending orders to supplier
  • Can set the sale date
  • Display section on receipts to write tips
Version 2.62 - October 24th 2016
  • Update report preview engine
  • Manage staff length exceptions when booking online
  • New Business Use report
  • Loyalty Points merge fields for SMS and Email marketing
  • Loyalty Point filter in Marketing screen
  • Cancel appointment merge field for emails
  • Fix staff name in audit log
  • Hide inactive products in sales screen
  • Allow selecting longer service lengths when using 5 minute intervals
Version 2.61 - October 10th 2016
  • New more flexible appointment booking screen
  • Xero enhancement to not duplicate products already in Xero
  • Xero enhancement to allow allocating specific accounts to product categories
  • Can email form directly from client screen
  • Can merge form links into booking emails
  • Export files history retained
  • iPad usability fixes
  • Can remove tax from a sale
  • Can uncancel an order
  • Options on which notifications to display
  • Specific email address for location product orders to be forwarded to
  • New Staff work summary report
Version 2.60 - August 25th 2016
  • Auto recharge SMS credits
  • Can choose service when using self check in
  • Correctly filter reports by location based upon security
  • Display staff notes when adding a service via the sales screen
  • Make business use sales not display as draft on transaction list
  • New Daily Sale Summary Totals report
  • Display location against client history when more than one location
  • Display client account balance on receipt
  • Can change client name formatting
  • Display client account balance and email address on client search
  • Can email receipt of account payments
  • Add Last Purchased date to product sales report
  • Display invoice number next to payment on client history
  • More time period options for client reviews
  • New Daily Sales report
  • New Waiting List report
  • Change default values for report parameters
Version 2.59 - May 23rd 2016
  • New help sidebar
  • Getting started wizard for new signups
  • Additional address fields on client forms
  • Marketing campaign summary (clicks,opens,bounces)
  • Loyalty points can be set for products
  • Localization for forms (different languages for each client)
  • Notifications of logging in from new locations
  • Can print business copy of receipts
  • More information when login fails
Version 2.58 - April 28th 2016
  • Forms improvements
  • Package balance lookup
  • Product ordering
  • Marketing campaign summary (clicks,opens,bounces)
  • Can select time period for review and new client emails
Version 2.57 - April 1st 2016
  • New client emails
  • New UI
  • Location in sales export
  • Can generate time cards from appointments
Version 2.56 - March 14th 2016
  • Client reviews
  • Easier multi language reminders and birthday messages
  • Credit card surcharges
Version 2.56 - February 19th 2016
  • Can make locations inactive
  • Summary time card report
  • Latest bookings widget
  • Client custom fields report
  • Duplicate client warning when adding
  • Image upload and hosting for email templates
Version 2.55 - February 4th 2016
  • Inbox
Version 2.54 - February 3rd 2016
  • Updated Reconciliation report
  • Cash movement report
  • Can choose gender, phone or email to be required fields
  • Breaks can be every 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Extra search criteria for vouchers
  • Staff that are in use can be deleted
Version 2.53 - January 28th 2016
  • Upgrade of Xero Sync
  • Standby list tweaks
  • Add Total Sales to Client History Summary Report
  • Appointment Schedule Report change
  • Month View appointments coloured based on status or category
  • Can give an appointment it's own colour
  • Compact view in appointments
  • Add Hebrew to online booking languages
Version 2.52 - December 31st 2015
  • Improved waiting list time calculation
  • More detailed appointments list report
  • Can delete all public holidays
  • Single use for a client promotions
  • More detailed products report including products requiring ordering
  • Client Other or Middle name field
  • Client Gender field and in marketing
  • Option to pin out immediately after a sale
  • Business use sales charged at wholesale price
  • Display SMS length when typing message
  • Default note template when creating a client note
  • Can setup a default template for emailed receipts
  • Signature required can be displayed on 80mm receipts
  • Day of the week report
  • Online booking summary report
  • Date range option when exporting
  • Detailed service report
  • Display current location in header
Version 2.51 - November 19th 2015
  • Processing time can be during a service as well as at the end
  • Notify staff of prior discounts a client had
  • Additional filter options on marketing search
  • Standby list for clients looking for an appointment
  • More dashboards
  • Can turn off prompt for conflicting appointment bookings
  • Can view clients in mobile app
  • Last name on clients is now optional
  • Birthday SMS and Email's can be sent out 14 or 30 days ahead
Version 2.50 - November 7th 2015
  • Commission for staff can be set at service level
Version 2.49 - November 5th 2015
  • Check in forms
Version 2.48 - October 22nd 2015
  • Public holidays can be entered
  • Staff holidays can be entered
Version 2.47 - October 10th 2015
  • Staff Time Cards
  • Reason prompt when cancelling appointment
  • Reason prompt when deleting payment
  • Staff can pin log into different locations
  • Cancellations widget on dashboard
  • Payments export
  • Simplified promotions configuration
  • Packages can have multiple services
  • Can jump ahead weeks on appointments
Version 2.46 - September 14th 2015
  • Can automatically add a fee to a sale
  • Can spread package commissions for each staff member
Version 2.45 - September 8th 2015
  • Unsent reminders list in appointments
  • No Sale / Cash Out Report
  • When a booking is make SMS or Email sent to client
Version 2.44 - August 20th 2015
  • Performance Improvements
  • Client retention report
  • Client credit memos
  • Reminder period in hours
  • Prompt to enter missing client details after sale
Version 2.43 - July 20th 2015
  • Linked (required) services
Version 2.42 - July 16th 2015
  • Enhanced role security options
  • Enhanced Monthly Sales list report
  • Online booking emails customisable
  • Online booking staff selection optional
  • Online booking referrer field
Version 2.41 - June 8th 2015
  • Voucher codes can be reused to extend credit on card
  • Self Check In for clients
  • Appointments colored based on service category
Version 2.40 - May 10th 2015
  • Gift Vouchers can be purchased online
  • Can enter time when making a payment
  • Can enter a note when adding an appointment
Version 2.39 - April 26th 2015
  • Waiting Lists and Waiting List Wall Board
  • Can require selection of sale staff when adding item
  • More receipt printer and hardware configuration options
Version 2.38 - March 29th 2015
  • Can set individual service prices and time lengths for each staff member
Version 2.37 - March 28th 2015
  • Stripe Payment Integration
  • Better handling of deposits in online booking
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.36 - March 9th 2015
  • Authorize.Net Payment Integration
  • Prepaid services
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.35 - February 15th 2015
  • Can tip using credit cards
  • Better HTML email handling
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.34 - January 31th 2015
  • Terminals for sales
  • SMS status tracking
  • Better handling of non-english SMS
  • Greek translation of online booking
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.33 - January 10th 2015
  • Can set package length when making a sale
  • Display change required after making payment
  • Cancellation list screen
  • Live chat support
  • Extra details on A4/A5 invoices and receipts
  • Can set a SMS or Email reminder template for each client
  • Display gift card details on receipt
  • HTML editors for reminder and marketing emails
  • Can export files as UTF8
  • New languages for online booking
  • Various bug fixes
Version 2.32 - November 30th 2014
  • Can print multiple copies of a receipt
  • Option to hide client name and next appointment on receipt
  • Printer Gateway for direct to printer receipts
  • Custom fields when adding client in new appointment
Version 2.31 - November 23th 2014
  • Tips included in banking
  • Staff hours worked field in Staff Performance and Staff Commission reports
Version 2.30 - November 20th 2014
  • Can search for a client using first,last form
  • Voucher lookup performance improvements
  • Can create a default product sale staff
  • Services can be packages of more than one session
  • Clock displayed on bottom of page
  • iZettle payment gateway integration
  • Can request a deposit when making an appointment
  • Disallow entering credit card in payment notes field
  • Tax summary report
  • 80mm receipt format change and next appointment displayed on bottom
  • Display sale staff name next to item in sales screen
Version 2.29 - October 28th 2014
  • Staff can have work schedules over multiple locations
  • iCal link for each individual staff member
  • Preview emails and SMS's populate merge fields
  • Email receipt to business when emailing to client
  • Online Booking for multiple locations
  • Client account report showing credit balances
Version 2.28 - October 3rd 2014
  • Breaks can have custom colours
  • Breaks can be all day
  • IP Address stored in Audit Log
Version 2.27 - September 30th 2014
  • Tips when doing a payment
  • Notes format slightly changed on appointments
  • Commission report updates
Version 2.26 - September 20th 2014
  • Prices can be represented ex-tax
  • Commission rate specific for product sales
  • Can change the display order of services when making an appointment or booking online
  • Email reminders can have a link to confirm the appointment
Version 2.25 - September 10th 2014
  • New Monthly Performance Summary Report
  • Weekly sales list report now based upon payment date not invoice date
Version 2.24 - September 9th 2014
  • Display staff name after service on client history popup
  • Can display more columns of staff across the appointment page
  • Changed phone number on online booking to be mobile phone number
Version 2.23 - September 7th 2014
  • Client photos can be take using mobile app and displayed on client page
  • Zero value vouchers can be created where amount it set at sale time
  • Display on hand levels when adding a product
Version 2.22 - August 26th 2014
  • Bulk Price Update for Products and Services
  • Mobile: Can add appointment notes
Version 2.21 - August 21st 2014
  • Transaction list performance improvements
  • Communication tab on client history popup in appointments
  • Various small fixes
Version 2.20 - August 12th 2014
  • Loyalty points can be adjusted outside of sale
  • Option to calculate loyalty points based on sale value
Version 2.19 - August 8th 2014
  • Mobile Version on your phone go to https://m.youreontime.com
  • Sale staff can be set for each item in a sale
  • Transaction list totals sometimes displayed wrong
  • Transaction list can display a date range
  • Online booking arrows in drop down fields and calendar
  • Report performance improvements
Version 2.18 - July 28st 2014
  • Communication tab on clients
  • Can choose rounding amount in sales
  • Various small fixes
Version 2.17 - July 21st 2014
  • Essendex SMS provider for New Zealand
  • Performance improvements
  • Various small fixes
Version 2.16 - July 14th 2014
  • Appointment services can be dragged and positioned independently
  • New server infrastructure setup
Version 2.15 - July 7th 2014
  • Transaction list in sales now location specific
Version 2.14 - June 24th 2014
  • Staff commissions report
  • Client import and export now use the same format
  • Invoice numbers can be location dependent
  • Fixed: Service reminders sometimes sent unnecessarily
Version 2.13 - June 23rd 2014
  • Can add multiple appointments to a sale
  • Transaction popup list is bigger to fit more
  • Searchable product & service lists in sales
  • Sales export includes payment methods
  • Fixed: Online booking error when appointment deleted
  • Fixed: Regular repeat booking doesn't need service selected
  • Fixed: Importing services with no staff assigned
Version 2.12 - June 16th 2014
  • When rebooking can select a new service
  • Change displayed on receipt
  • Logo on 80mm receipt formatted to fit better
Version 2.11 - June 12th 2014
  • Can set the default payment type in payment screen
  • Rebuild receipts & Invoices for greater performance
  • Reports all have location option for multi-location businesses
Version 2.10 - June 4th 2014
  • Enhanced repeat booking screen
  • Gift vouchers formatted to work on receipt printer
  • New claim payment method and invoice changes to support
  • Client business phone number on 80mm invoices
  • Payment method displayed on receipts
  • Invoice numbers only assigned at completion of invoice
  • Allow importing of products with zero price
  • Stop client from making bookings on previous dates
Version 2.9 - May 30th 2014
  • Online booking date defaults to first possible
  • New receipt printer types added
  • Better time zone handling in Google Calendar Sync
  • Fixed: Xero sync occasionally hanging
Version 2.8 - May 24th 2014
  • Appointment specific notes can be added
  • Upgrade of Google Calendar Sync
  • Performance improvements on appointments screen
  • New SMS provider for Singapore
  • UK SMS prices adjusted to be closer to other countries
  • Xero link enhancements
  • More validation for Online Booking time choices
  • Remember search values when going back to a search screen
  • Fixed: Times on appointment tooltips now showing properly for appointments with multiple services
  • Fixed: Blocked out regions on appointments sometimes not fully showing
  • Fixed: Online Booking can show first name only
Version 2.7
  • Online Booking works better on phones
  • Fix localisation in some reports
  • Help stop double booking online bookings
  • Work schedule can be alternate weeks
  • Importing products or services has External ID to help loading and updating product supplier data files
Version 2.6
  • Star TSP650II WebPRNT receipt printer integration
  • Footer logo can be added to receipts
  • Xero sync improvements
  • Reformat sales menu to be more intuitive
  • Change Surname to say Last Name
  • Can revert payments from sales screen
  • Description on product categories to be displayed on online booking
  • Appointments report has staff parameter
Version 2.5
Online Booking
  • Themes
  • Expanded mini website. More tabs and extra details.
  • Staff photos and details displayed on online booking
  • Staff first name only displayed on online booking
  • Auto confirm appointments
  • Better mobile experience
  • Resource conflict checking
  • Notification when client cancels online booking
  • Can have different intervals on online booking to main scheduler
Other Changes
  • Display longer scheduler when staff working outside open hours
  • When refunding prompt for refund payment method
  • Staff can receive email of their appointments for next day
  • Singapore has local number for SMS reminders
  • Banking select all tickbox
  • Can override send SMS reminder when booking an appointment
  • Staff specific promotions
  • Can turn off rebooking popup after sale complete
  • Mail merge fields in subject on email marketing
Version 2.4
  • SMS credit warnings displayed as notification rather than warning
  • Ensure online bookings made by client can't run past closing time
  • When saving a client details will stay on the client screen
  • Popup note entered against a client when making a booking if flagged
  • Save online booking special notes to clients notes history
  • When paying with voucher set payment amount to voucher value by default
  • Various small fixes
Version 2.3
  • Automatic service rebooking reminders
Version 2.2
  • Easier to navigate layout in settings screen
  • Easier to navigate layout in reports screen
  • Customise email when emailing receipts
  • Create and sending of sales quotes
  • Ability to deactivate staff to hide from reports and dashboards
  • County field in UK addresses
  • Display time on appointment history report and screen
  • Added barcode field when importing products
  • Local phone number for UK SMS sending
  • New promotion type
Version 2.1
  • Appointment Scheduler start and end times now based on location open hours. May require you to adjust you location settings if hours are not correct.
  • Fixed sometimes nightly appointment email not sent
Version 2.0
  • New modern and easy to use user interface
  • Dashboard and KPI's to profile business success
  • Client, Product and Service importers to bulk load data or move from an old system
  • Getting Started Wizard to help new users set up your account
  • More customisable receipts and accounts
  • Multiple attachments in reminders and marketing emails
  • Change the order of staff displayed in appointments day view
  • Display breaks on appointments month view
  • Show or hide breaks on week or month view of the appointments screen
  • Ability to make Monday the first day of the week in a calendar or appointments week and month view
  • Click on staff member name in appointments to change their daily schedule
  • Add a staff note to display to staff members when booking a particular service
  • Red line on appointments indicating the current time of day
  • Drop down menu on appointments to filter appointments by any or all staff members
  • Combine staff work schedules into a tab on the staff screen
  • Ordering of client notes on appointments by most recent first
  • Upgrade to Google Calendar sync
  • Add new tax directly from product screen

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