SMS message length limits

When entering an SMS reminder or marketing message you might notice it warns you if entering a message longer than 160 characters:

The reason is that all SMS messages are limited to 160 characters, this is not something we have done but a limitation of how the SMS system works for all phones and communication companies. 

Now, 'I send SMS messages longer than 160 characters on my phone all the time' you might say. That is correct, but modern phones are smart enough to behind the scenes break up the message into 160 character chunks and then stitch them back together on the recipients end so it appears to allow longer messages. 

The thing is that when these long SMS messages are split up it will charge you for each chunk as if they are separate messages.

You'reOnTime will allow you to send long messages as well but we warn you about the additional charge for the long messages due to them being split up. When we send messages we are charged for each chunk via our SMS provider.

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