Deleting a payment

There may be a time when you need to delete a payment from a sale. This obviously can be a security risk so there are a few additional measures put in place, these are:

  • Only managers by default can delete a sale
  • All deletions will be audited
  • The manager will be emailed when a payment is deleted

Having said that, if required you can delete it.

1. Go to the Sales screen.

2. Click on the Transaction List button on the right.

3. Find the sale you wish to remove and select it from the list

4. When the sale comes up click the Payment Info button on the right.

5. A screen will pop up with the payment info, click the Reverse Payment button.

6. Enter the reason for reversing in the popup box and click OK.

The sale will now be back as a Draft sale where you can add products or complete the sale again.

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