Business use products

Business Use products are those that you have used in your business as part of your servicing of clients. This is commonly also called back bar. In order to keep track of your product levels and usage, it is useful to track these products.

To track business use products:

1. Click on Sales from the side menu

2. Click on the Add Client To Sale button on the Sales

3. Search for the client named ## Business Use ## and add them to the sale

4. Add any products to the sale that you used in the business, the same way you would add a product to a normal sale. This product will be added to the sale with the wholesale price.

5. After adding all the products click Complete Sale. As this is a business use sale you will not be prompted to tender for the sale and it will now be complete.

Once you have done this your stock on hand levels will be adjusted and you can run the business use report to get a historical usage overview.

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