New client email

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You may want to set up an email that is automatically sent to any new client that is added to the system. This may be information such as your terms and conditions, electronic forms to fill out or any other information the client should know before attending.

This email is separate to a reminder email that is sent just before an appointment, this is sent specifically to new clients.

To set up the new client email requires two stages.

Creating the email template

1. Click on the Marketing menu from the side menu.

2. Click on the Setup Email Templates button from the right-hand side options. 

3. On the Templates list screen, click the +Add New button from the right-hand side. 4. In the new template screen, you should choose New Client from the Template Type option. The subject and many contents of the email can be entered in the remaining fields. 

Merge Fields are placeholders for values that will be replaced when the message is sent. For example: [ClientFirstName] will be replaced with David, [FormsLink] will be replaced with a link to outstanding forms, and so on. To insert a Merge Field, simply put your cursor in the message box where you want the field to appear then click on the Merge Field drop-down menu and navigate to the Merge Field you want to add. 

5. Click Save to add the new email template. 

Configuring the new client email

Once you have added your template that will be sent to the clients you should enable new client emails. To do this.

1. Click Marketing from the side menu.

2. Click the  Automated Marketing and Reminders option.

3. Click on the Email button on the New Clients section. 

4. Make sure that the Enabled tick-box is ticked, then select when to send the message, the template you wish to use, and the reply email address (if necessary). You can also edit the message contents if required. 

5. You can also preview your Email message by adding your email address and clicking Send Preview Email.

6. Click the Save button to save your Email reminder message for the future. 

Now every new client who is entered into the system by you or via an online booking will receive this email.

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