Extending staff rosters

Sometimes you will try and make a future booking for a staff member and see they are not available. For example, in December you try and make a booking for January. This is likely because you need to extend their work roster. Because the schedules in You'reOnTime are done on a week by week basis, and you can schedule up to a year in advance, if you don't extend it the roster will eventually end.

To extend the roster

1. Go to Settings in the side menu.

2. Click on Manage Staff under the Staff section.

3. Click on the staff member who's roster needs to be extended.

4. Click on the Work Schedule tab. 

5. Down the bottom click the Next button to find the last week with a roster and click the Edit button.

6. In the Setup Work Hours screen that appears change the Repeat For option to 52 Weeks.

7. Click Save.

This staff member will now have their roster extended by a year. 

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