Backdating a sale

If you want to backdate a sale you need to reverse the payment and redo it making sure to change the date of both the sale and the payment.

Look up the sale

  1. Navigate to the Sales screen and click on the Transaction List button.
  2. Search for the sale using the date selectors or invoice number.
  3. Click on the invoice you want to alter.

    Important: take note of the payment method used, as you will need to choose this when reapplying the payment.

Reverse the payment

  1. Click on the Payment Info button, then click on Reverse Payment.
  2. Enter the reason for reversing the payment, e.g. "Backdating Payment", then click OK.The sale will now be reloaded for you to update.

Update the sale and reapply the payment

  1. Click on the Sale Date in the top right corner and change it to the correct date.
  2. Once you have chosen the new date, click Complete Sale.
  3. Change the date of the payment. You can also change the time if you like.
  4. Select the payment type originally used to make the payment. In this example we will be using Cash (see step 3 of Look up the sale, above.)
  5. Check that everything appears correct and click Complete Payment.

Your sale has now been backdated. (If you like, you can check this by searching for the sale in the transaction list.)

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