Configuring the Self Check-In

Having an iPad or similar device on your counter configured for Self Check-In is especially useful for businesses that have a constant flow of clients through their door and omits the need for staff to stop what they are doing and check clients in.  Self Check-In is used for booked appointments and Walk In's.

1.  To Configure the Self Check-In, go into Settings.

2.  In the Settings screen, scroll down to Appointments heading and click on Check In.

3.  In the Check In Settings screen, there are many options to tick to enable. 

Required Fields will determine which fields are displayed and required to be entered when a new client is checking in. Name and phone should really be the minimum you should have enabled. The Referrer is also a good option to get some more information out of your clients.

Virtual Queue

The Virtual Queue will allow clients to check in using the self check in and then leave your business. They will then be sent an SMS message shortly before their appointment to remind them to return for their appointment.

Wall Board

The ball board can be used to display on an external monitor and display the waiting position and estimated time for clients.

The wall board will look similar to this screenshot.

Custom Styles

CSS styling can be entered in these fields to customise the look of your Check in or Virtual Queue.

When you're finished setting up, remember to click Save.

The Self check In has now been configured.

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