Configuring for use with the Star mPOP and iPad

The Star mPOP is a great all in one device with a receipt printer, cash drawer and optionally a scanner that can work with an iPad. There are a few steps to configure.

Installing the Star iPad Browser app

The Star Browser app should be installed on your iPad. It allows connection from You'reOnTime to the mPOP. There is a free version of the app that can be downloaded from the AppStore here

There is also a paid version of this app. The paid version does not have advertisements and is reasonably priced so you should consider it. You can get the paid version from here

Installing the Star mPOP Utility

The Star mPOP receipt printer is a 58mm device. As You'reOnTime prints 80mm receipts, the mPOP Utility will allow scaling down receipts. It can be installed from the AppStore here

Then follow these steps.
1.       Launch the mPOP utility and make sure the unit is paired and selected in the app. 
2.       Go to the memory switch settings up the settings tab at the bottom of the screen.

3.       Scroll down to Compression (Horizontal), and set the flag to 72mm -> Printable Area

4.       Click apply, and confirm it.
5.       The printer will then initialize and you should have enabled the 3” downscaling.

Configuring the receipt printer in You'reOnTime

Finally, you will need to configure the receipt printer in You'reOnTime to connect. Follow these steps

1. Go to Settings from the Welcome menu
2. Click the Receipt & Invoice Printing General Settings option under Payments heading
3. Make sure all the printer options are configured as in this screenshot

4. Click save to complete

Logging in using HTTP

Finally, the Star mPOP doesn't support the HTTPS protocol. What that means is when using the application from the iPad and mPOP you should use the following address

You should now be all set up to use the mPOP. You can test it out by reprinting a receipt from the sales screen.

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