Receiving an order

Once the order has been sent to you from a supplier you should receive it. This will update the on-hand levels, wholesale prices and generate any backorders.

  1. Start off by going to the Product orders screen and then follow these steps.
  2. Click on the Receive order option next to the order you wish to process.
  3. Once in the order for each item in the order you should enter the number you received. You can also adjust the wholesale price if required and ticking the option will update the products wholesale prices. 
  4. If you enter a Received Qty that is less than the Order Qty you can optionally generate a Back Order. This will automatically create a new order for the remaining items that were not delivered. 
  5. If you receive a product not included in the order, you can add it using the Add Product to Order menu.
  6. Once you have finished updating the order you have received, click Save and Recieve. If you're not quite ready to commit to receiving the order, you can click Save and return to receive the order later.

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