Using PrintNode to print receipts

The PrintNode is an application that you can install if you want a bit more control and flexibility over how receipts are printed within You'reOnTime. You should consider using the PrintNode if you have any of the following requirements

  • To print a second business copy of receipts
  • To be able to print a receipt quickly with no print preview in the browser
  • To control the cash draw independently of print receipts

PrintNode will work on both Mac and PC and the steps below are essentially the same other than the installation of the application.

Enabling PrintNode in printer settings

The first thing you need to do is enable PrintNode in invoice settings. This will tell You'reOnTime to bypass the normal print preview when you are trying to print an invoice or receipt. To do this

  1. Click on Settings from the Welcome menu
  2. Under the Payment's section click the Receipt & Invoice Printing General Settings option
  3. Tick the Enable PrintNode tick box

There are then a couple more settings you can choose. The first one is  When do you want to pop the cash drawer which has the following options

  • When receipt prints. This means every time you print a receipt from You'reOnTime the cash drawer will pop. This is the default setting for most printers and drawers.
  • Only for cash sales. Only if a sale is a cash sale and you will be required to add cash to the till or give out change will the  draw  pop.
  • For every sale. For every sale even if a receipt is not printed and it is not a cash sale the drawer will pop.

The other option that might be useful is  Print business copy of  receipt . Some businesses like to keep a second copy of the receipt for every sale for their own records. If this is ticked a receipt will always print even if you are not printing a customer copy.

Once you have done this print node will be enabled but you will still need to create an account and install the application.

Creating a PrintNode account

After enabling PrintNode you will need to create a PrintNode account. This account keeps the details of the printers and computers that you will be able to print to. To create an account

  1. Click on Settings from the Welcome menu
  2. Under the Add On's section click on the PrintNode Settings option
  3. Enter a Name, Email and Password for the account you creating in PrintNode. You will have to log into this account on each computer you wish to print receipts to, but once you have logged in on those computers it will remember and stay logged on.

After creating the account you will need to install the PrintNode application.

Installing the PrintNode application

The PrintNode application is what tells You'reOnTime about the printers on your computer and how to connect to them. The first thing you need to do is download the install the PrintNode software which you can download the software from

Once you have downloaded run the Setup application. When installing click Next through the setup wizard to use all the default values.

After the installation is complete and you open it for the first time it will prompt for a username and password, this is the same username and password you created in the previous step, Creating a PrintNode account.

Once installed the PrintNode will be loaded automatically every time you restart your computer. You should install PrintNode on all computers that are connected to a printer you wish to print to.

Now that PrintNode is running you should see a little icon in the tray (clock) of your computer like this one.

Configuring the Terminal

You'reOnTime has a concept of terminals, this is basically all the POS computers you are using. It is possible you have not configured any terminals which is common practice but to use PrintNode you will need to set up each terminal you want to be able to print from. To create a terminal

  1. Click on Settings from the Welcome menu
  2. Click on Manage Terminals under the Sales section. If you have already got a terminal configured you can click on it otherwise create a new one.
  3. In the terminal's screen, assuming you have created an account and logged into the application as per the previous sections, you will see all your printers listed. Select the printer you wish to print receipts to.
  4. You will also need to setup some special codes in the PrintNode to control the popping of the cash drawer. The PrintNode is by default setup with the codes for the Epson TM-T88V printer, so if you have that model you don't need to do anything.

    Some common codes are:
    Epson TM-T88V or TM-T88IV   27,112,48,55,121
    Epson TM-T20   27,112,48,55,121
    Star TSP-100   7

    If you have a different model printer go to this web page and look for Draw Codes

Finally, for a cash drawer plugged into a receipt printer the default option is to pop the drawer every time a receipt is printed. You may not wish to do this and only pop the draw on demand or for cash sales. This is normally an option in your printer preferences, for example in the Epson TM-T88IV

Once you have done all of this it should be ready to go. Print a test receipt from the sales screen and make sure it comes out of the printer a few seconds later as expected.

Important: As the PrintNode requires us to license the technology from a third-party company there is an additional $5 per month charge on your subscription if you sign up for a PrintNode account.

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