Setting up Staff Self-Scheduling

Enabling Self-Scheduling

  1. Click Settings in the side menu.

  2. In the Settings screen, under Staff, click Staff General Settings.

  3. In the Staff General Settings screen, scroll down to the Staff Settings section and tick the Staff can enter own schedule checkbox. Then click Save.

Entering Roster as Staff Member

  1. Log in with a Staff user account.

  2. The Staff user account will have an extra option for their Schedule in the top-right corner. Click on the Schedule button. 
  3. The Staff account will now have the option of a Work Schedule tab
  4. The Roster for Staff screen will appear. Your staff can add a totally new roster by clicking the Add Work Hours button or edit an existing one. For this example, we will edit an existing roster. Click on the Edit button first roster record as shown below:

  5. The Setup Work Hours screen will appear.

    Select the Week Starting date.

    Note: The calendar starts on a Sunday.

    If you want to repeat the roster then select a number of weeks from the Repeat for after this week field. In this example, we'll select 52 weeks, to represent a whole year.

    You can click the Copy times from Location Open Hours button or enter their schedule manually. 

  6. Click the Save button to save your changes.

That's it :) This is very useful if you have staff that set their own hours. 

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