How do I set up Google DNS?

What is Google DNS?

DNS is the technology that allows your computer to translate the domain name of a website, such as to the actual location of the servers on the internet. Sometimes the default DNS that come with your internet provider can be slow and unreliable so Google has created their own DNS that is faster and better.

If you are periodically experiencing slow internet turning on Google DNS is a good idea.

Setting up Google DNS in Windows
Setting up Google DNS on a Mac

Setting up Google DNS in Windows

1. Right click on the network notification icon on the bottom right of your screen, down near the clock

2. On the little menu that appears choose the Open Network and Sharing Center option.

3. On the screen that appears you should see a network adapter, right click on it and choose the Properties option.

4. When the properties for your network adapter open, you will need to choose  Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) from the list, then click Properties.

5. On the screen that appears click the option Use the following DNS server addresses. This will enable the two fields under it. In those fields enter the values

Now click the OK button on the dialog.

Turning off Google DNS

If you have problems when you have turned on Google DNS, although this should be unlikely, it is easy to turn off. Just go to step 5 above and then select the option Obtain DNS server address automatically.


Setting up Google DNS on a Mac

1. Go to  System Preferences .

2. Click on the Network icon.

3. Click on the Network connection you are using on the left-hand side and then click the Advanced button.

4. Once on the next screen click on the DNS tab.

5. Click the + button down the bottom of the list to add the new DNS and add the following two entries

Google DNS should now be ready to go.

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