Creating Staff Accounts

  1. Click Settings in the side menu.

  2. In the Settings screen,  under Staff Management click the Manage Staff link

  3. This will prompt the Staff Search screen, click on a staff member record or you can create a new one by clicking the Add a new Staff member button on the right hand side menu.

  4. This will prompt the Edit Staff screen. In the Security section enter a unique user name for your staff member in the Login User Name field. Type in a unique password (in the Password and Confirm Password fields) that must contain at least 5 letters, a number and a symbol for enhanced security. Select Staff as the User Level

  5. Click the Save button

  6. Repeat steps 3. to 5. for each staff member you wish to set up accounts for.

  7. Inform your staff members of thir User Names, Passwords, your Business Code  and the following link to log into You'reOnTime.
  8. To log in to You'reOnTime,your staff simply enters their Username, Password, your Business Code and click the Log in button. 

  9. Once logged in, your staff will see their home screen, where access is only available to the Appointments, Sales and Clients and My Schedule screens. 

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