Chrome Remote Desktop Support

If you have a Gmail or G-Suite Account, we can provide you with remote support using Chrome Remote Desktop.

1. Make sure you are logged into your Google Account, then go to and click on the Remote Support link and in Get Support click the Download button and follow the prompts. The installation process depends on whether you have a Windows or Mac machines. Usually Windows machines will install this automatically, but Macs will require you to install via a DMG File. 

2. Follow the installation process until you get the following prompt, and then click the GOT IT link:

3. Then in Get Support section click the Generate Code button:

4. Then copy and paste the 12-digit code and email it to your support representative or

5. When we receive the code and connect to your machine you will receive the following prompt, click the Share Button. Make sure that the connection is from or your personal Customer Care Consultant from You'reOnTime.

6. Once connected you will see a warning on your screen (as seen below) with the following message :

Your desktop is currently shared with

When the remote desktop session has finished click  the Stop Sharing button

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