Adding phone numbers

To use the phone system you will need to purchase a phone number for each location you wish to use it from. Phone numbers typically cost only a few dollars a month and there are many to choose from, from around 90 different countries.

Adding a new phone number

1. Click on Settings from the Welcome menu

2. In the Add On's section right down the bottom click Phone System.

3. In the Phone System Settings click on the Phone Numbers tab.

4. To add a new phone number click the Add Phone Number button.

5. A popup screen will appear with the phone number options. You will probably be prompted by your browser to let it know your location. This is to allow it to find phone numbers near to your current location.

6. Choose the applicable Location and Country you wish the phone number to be and the list of phone numbers will be filtered to that country.

7. Choose either a Local, Toll Free or Mobile number type. In some countries, SMS numbers can only be sent from Mobile numbers. If you wish to send your reminders from the same phone number you may need to choose Mobile and the Use For Reminders tick box will become enabled.

Each number will be displayed with the monthly cost to purchase this number. A number has a minimum of one month contract, so if you purchase a number and cancel it a day later you will still be charged for one full month for that number.

Click OK to purchase the number and it will be displayed in the list of purchased numbers. Once you have purchased the number you have performed the required steps to start using the phone system. You should be able to call that number to receive a call in the browser to click on the phone icon at the top to make a call.

Deleting a phone number

If you no longer wish to use a phone number, or wish to purchase a different number for that location, you can click the Delete option next to the list of numbers. You will be charged the full one month no matter when you delete a number during the month.

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