Enabling the phone system

To use the phone system you first must enable it and perform the basic configuration. 

Enabling the phone system

1. Click on Settings from the Welcome menu

2. In the Add On's section right down the bottom click Phone System.

3. In the Phone System settings tick the enabled box.

4. Choose the pricing plan you wish to use.  More details are here.

Setting your voicemail

While in settings you can configure your voicemail. If you just type a message in the spot provided it will be read out using Voice to Text when someone is sent to your voicemail.

Recording a voicemail

Optionally, you can record your own voicemail message which will be played rather than the text message. 

1. Click Record a voicemail message button

2. Speak into your computer's microphone to record the message when the prompt appears

3. Click Save to complete the recording

If you want to remove the recorded voicemail click the Clear message button

If you want to replay back the message click the Hear message button

Once you have configured the basic settings you will need to add some phone numbers.

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