Loyalty Points

o configure loyalty points,
First click on settings in the menu

Under Business Details, click on Loyalty Points General Settings

Once in the Loyalty Points Management screen, you can configure how long until the loyalty points will expire, how many points are awarded to the client per $1 spent and how many points equates to a dollar when the clients is paying for a service

Once you have input all your information, click on the Save button and you will be directed back to the settings screen
You can also configure the amount of loyalty points to be earned by each product or service,  to do this navigate to settings

And then to Manage Your Services, in the Products and Services section

Pick any service and you will see the Loyalty Point Details section at the bottom of the page, here you can configure how many loyalty points are awarded when buying the service and how many loyalty points are needed to pay for the service

Once you have input your information, click on Save at the bottom of the screen.

Paying with loyalty points

When you are happy with the configuration of the Loyalty Points, you are able to start applying them to the sales of your products and service,
To do this you complete a sale as normal, when you reach the payments screen, you will notice that there is Loyalty point information displayed,
As you can see, the client will earn 10 Loyalty Points for this transaction

Also, as the client has enough Loyalty Points to purchase this service, you can click on the payment type “Other” and choose Loyalty Points, the client will then be able to pay for this service using their accumulated loyalty points

Click on Complete Payment, in order to complete the transaction.


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