Installing the Facebook App

The Facebook App will allow your clients to make bookings directly from your Facebook page. By using Facebook as a mechanism for client communication being able to take appointments will increase your business potential. To enable the Facebook app follow these steps.

  1. When logged in as a manager user click the Settings option

  2. Under the Business Settings section click the Online Booking Settings section

  3. Assuming you have previously configured the Online Booking options you will see a section called Facebook Integration. Setting up the Facebook App requires two steps, first creating a Page on your Facebook where the app will be installed. Then installing the application onto that Page. 


  4. Firstly click the option to create a Page. This will take you to Facebook where you can create a Page with all your business details on it. Fill in all the details and the page will be created.

  5. Secondly, back in the You'reOnTime application click on the second option to install the App. This will take you to a Facebook page to confirm you wish to add the application. 

  6. After installing the App you will now see it on the Business Page you created in step 4. You can click the drop down arrow on the icon to customise the text or look of the icon.

  7. If you click on the icon from your Facebook page it will initially ask you to enter the login details for your You'reOnTime user account. This is to connect your details with the Facebook app.

  8. If you have more than one location it will then prompt you to choose the location for this app. In most cases with only one location this will be skipped.

  9. Once this is done the Facebook app will now be installed on your page. You can direct all your clients to this page to make bookings conveniently online.

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